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OEM Cosmetics Support

We supports OEM cosmetics for reasonable price.
We widely suggest such as formulation, production, package design and shipping.
We have transaction results not only in Japan but Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan and China.
We are able to suggest cosmetic development as customers need.

  • OEM Cosmetics Support
  • OEM Cosmetics Support

Items We Suggest

  • Basic Skin Care

    Basic Skin Care

  • Makeup Tools

    Makeup Tools

  • Body Care

    Body Care

  • Filling and Set-up

    Filling and Set-up

  • Assembly


Flow of OEM Cosmetic Support

  • STEP.01
    Costomers → MYM
    Inquiry ( Call , E-mail , FAX )
  • STEP.02
    Costomers + MYM
    Hearing and Arrengement ( Products Image , Concept etc )
  • STEP.03
    Select OEM factory  We select depend on what customer needs.
  • STEP.04
    Costomers + Factory (MYM)
    Prescription Establishment , Container Design , Package Design , Sample Evaluation
  • STEP.05
    Costomers + Factory (MYM)
    Quotation and Approval
  • STEP.06
    Start Production
  • STEP.07
    Inspection  For overseas OEM factories , we would assist you with the import.
  • STEP.08
    MYM → Customer

Q&A about OEM Cosmetic Support

Q1. We would like to produce cosmetics which use particular ingredients.

After we confirm if the particular ingredients you want to use are able to use to cosmetic, we would ask the factory.

Q2. How many production lots can be handled ?

The product has a prescription that has already been decided , and if the prescription , container , package ,  etc.
start from scratch , and it also changes depending on the circumstances of the factory you request ,  we will always try to meet your wishes.

Q3. I don't know what to do with container and package.

We would assist you container and package also.