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Import Agency Service

We import cosmetics from overseas instead of customers.
Our company , which has a " Cosmetic Manufacturing and Marketing License " do complicated importation procedures  ,  which involves Pharmaceutical Affairs Law , as your agent.

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Flow of Import Agency Service

  • STEP.01
    Costomers → MYM
    Inquiry ( Call , E-mail , FAX )
  • STEP.02
    Costomers + MYM
    Hearing and Arrengement ( Target Products Information , Manufacturing Company Information etc )
  • STEP.03
    Costomers + MYM + Local Staff + Local Manufacturer
    Coordination between customer and local.
  • STEP.04
    Costomers + MYM
    Checking the ingredients of the target product ( confirmation of compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law ) .
     We also provide analysis consultation if necessary.
  • STEP.05
    Notification of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of the target product.
  • STEP.06
    Import  Our company will be the cargo consignee and will carry out the necessary regulatory procedures for import.
    Customs clearance is also available.
  • STEP.07
  • STEP.08
    MYM → Customer

Q&A about Import Agency Service

Q1. This is the first importation , is it okay ?

No problem. We will explain step by step. Please feel free to consult or request.

Q2. What are the necessary materials at the beginning ?

You will need information on the products you plan to import and information on overseas manufacturers.

Q3. Is a component analysis test required ?

The Pharmaceutical Affairs Law regulates the ingredients and amounts that can be used in cosmetics.
It is necessary to confirm whether it is manufactured within the range restricted by the cosmetic standards.
We would consult with you and propose the best method for you.